UPDATE AS OF 4/26/2020

Hope everyone is having a nice evening. Just a quick update, we do not know when we will be opening yet. There has not been any word of a potential date. This is a very hard time for us all, especially small and local businesses. We appreciate your patience and understand that this is frustrating. When a date is reached for us to open our gates, our management team will be the ONLY ones to announce it to the public first. You can always check our Facebook page, business website, and Instagram daily to see if anything new is posted. Vendors can also call Ramon, 559-213-4554, for updates in Spanish if preferred. We also know that those of you who have space reservations have many questions about the payment situation. Our management team will discuss that process before opening and will let all reserved vendors know how it will work ahead of time. Please keep checking all social media forums and our website for changes at least a couple of times a week. For now, stay home…stay healthy…wash your hands…wear a mask…and be safe! Stay home and virus free, so that we may open sooner!